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About Us


At Gourmet Pie and Café we’re all about family, friends and great tasting food!


For over 30 years we have been sharing good food with all of you just like we share our best recipes with our family, because our customers are our family and friends.  We want you to walk in to Gourmet and have the best dining experience possible while feeling like you are right at home. Whether you are enjoying your favorite meal, drink or dessert with just a friend or celebrating with a big party, our staff is here to serve you and make you feel as comfortable as possible as soon as you walk through our door.  Don’t forget we have room at Bar 29º too, if you’re just stopping by for a quick drink or bite to eat. So, whether it’s one of our classic favorites, delicious desserts or thirst quenching cocktails, we are ready to serve you in a warm, family atmosphere.
Gourmet Pie and Cafe is a family owned and operated restaurant started in 1984 by Ruthie, Tony and Mike Richards. We started Gourmet Pie so we could share our dedication to and obsession with delicious recipes and baked goods with all of you.  The restaurant was originally located in Cypress and started as a bakery specializing in pies, cakes (wedding cakes), breads, pastries and cookies. Soon after opening, we expanded our menu to include some of our favorite home cooked meals which we are still making today. In 2004 we moved to our current location in Los Alamitos so we could serve you better and continue to grow. Today, our owner, Mike Richards continues to offer all of your long time Gourmet favorites, which still include some of our old family recipes, while adding unique new recipes and specials to the menu and bakery each and every week. 


Good food, family and friends for over 30 years!
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